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Story Mapping for Jira

Focus on user value & prioritize the right work

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Free Features

Manage & Prioritize

Story Mapping for Jira was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your team up and running quickly

Edit on the fly

  • Easily assign issues to epics with drag & drop
  • Manage and plan your next sprint or release right from the story map.

Fully integrated

  • Create Jira issues directly from the story map
  • Add releases, create and start sprints - all without leaving the app


Manage & Prioritize
Focus on what Matters
Fully integrated

Get even more with Pro

Custom Issue Types

  • Use any issue type for your story map
  • Link issues with custom issue link types
  • Build story maps in Jira Business projects

Custom Fields

  • Customize your issue cards the way you want it
  • Display useful additional information in the story map

Custom Timeframes

  • Sometimes releases and sprints are just not enough for planning
  • Add custom timeframes to plan more long term
  • Switch to planning mode to view issues on a time axis


Define custom goals
Use timeframes instead of sprints
Estimate tickets from the story map