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Advanced Story Maps
for Jira

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Prioritise the right work

Create story maps with custom fields, card layouts and link types - and easily manage your issues via drag & drop
Story Map Overview

Easy Release and Sprint Planning

Create issues directly from the story map and assign them to sprints and releases or custom iterations
Moving items on the story map

Cross project story mapping

Plan releases, sprints or even custom iterations for many different projects. Create 3 level hierarchies easily on-the-fly
Adding Releases on the fly

Easy visual configuration

Select different issue- or link-types for your story map and see the results instantly
Freely configure hierarchy

More Details

  • A Powerful Planning Tool
    Create a visual map to easily plan sprints, releases or long-term iterations. All within Jira
  • Adapts to your team
    Use any issue type for columns or user story activities and link them the way you want
  • Edit on the fly
    Update your Jira tickets right from the story map. See all changes apply instantly
  • Map to custom fields
    Using custom fields for Jira release planning? No problem - use custom fields as swimlanes
  • Customize cards
    Display custom field on cards and show statistics by status for linked issues
  • Export to PNG
    Use the export function for presentation or as a way to freeze the state of your story map

Choose your edition


  • One story map per project
  • Epic & Issue Linking
  • Sprint & Release Planning


  • Unlimited Story Maps
  • Link any issue type
  • High-level activities
  • Custom swimlanes
  • Multi-project maps
  • Available for Jira Data Center


  • All Standard Features
  • Swimlane goals (KPI)
  • Optimized for portfolio management
  • Denkplan.com certified